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We are looking for the research pioneers of the future to join our vibrant team and make history. Informal inquiries to are welcomed.

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Current Jobs and PHDs

Found 17 positions.

Job title Category
PhD Studentship - Silicon Photonics for Ocean Pollutant Monitoring (1359321PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
Research Fellow (1358221PN)Education, Research & Enterprise
Research Fellow (1355121PN)Education, Research & Enterprise
Senior Experimental Officer (1355221PN)Technical & Experimental
PhD Studentship - Photonic Sensors for Deep Ocean Monitoring (1353321PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Fabrication and Applications of Hollow Core Fibres (1353521PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Glass Surface Interactions in Hollow Core Fibres (1353621PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Low-Latency Fibre Optics Communications using Hollow Core Optical Fibres (1347321PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Fibre Integrated 2D-materials (1334921PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Semiconductor devices for nonlinear photonics and applications (1335021PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Laser-engineered silicon photonic devices (1335121PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - New Optics Beyond Hertzian Waves: Anapoles and Flying Donuts (1329321PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Topology, Topography and Light-Matter Interactions at the Nanoscale (1329421PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Microscopy and Metrology with Molecular Resolution (1329721PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Metamaterial Nano-machines (1329821PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Artificial Intelligence for Nanophotonic Applications (1329921PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Advanced ultra-short pulse two-micron fibre lasers for deep tissue medical imaging (1301420PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)

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