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Thipparapu, Naresh Kumar, Chunyun, Guo, Umnikov, Andrey, Barua, Pranabesh, Taranta, Austin, Standish, Robert and Sahu, Jayanta (2017) Bi-doped fibre lasers and wideband amplifiers in the 1150-1500nm band. Beyond state of the art optical communications: UNLOC and Photonics Hyperhighway programmes to present their vision for the future, London, United Kingdom. 02 Jun 2017.

Thipparapu, Naresh Kumar, Chunyun, Guo, Umnikov, Andrey, Barua, Pranabesh, Taranta, Austin, Alam, Shaif-Ul and Sahu, Jayanta (2017) Self-mode-locked bismuth-doped fiber laser operating at 1340nm. The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics. 25 - 29 Jun 2017. p. 1 . (doi:10.1109/CLEOE-EQEC.2017.8086993).

Thipparapu, Naresh Kumar (2017) Dataset for Self-mode-locked Bismuth-doped Fiber Laser Operating at 1340nm. University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/D0209 [Dataset]

Thipparapu, Naresh Kumar and Sahu, Jayanta (2017) Dataset for Bismuth-doped all-fiber mode-locked laser operating at 1340 nm. University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/D0104 [Dataset]

Thipparapu, Naresh Kumar, Guo, Chunyun, Barua, Pranabesh, Umnikov, Andrey, Taranta, Austin and Sahu, Jayanta (2017) Bismuth-doped all-fiber mode-locked laser operating at 1340 nm. Optics Letters, 42 (24), 5102-5105. (doi:10.1364/OL.42.005102).

Bradley, Thomas, Hayes, John, Chen, Yong, Jasion, Gregory, Sandoghchi, Seyed Reza, Slavík, Radan, Numkam Fokoua, Eric, Bawn, Simon, Sakr, Hesham, Davidson, Ian, Taranta, Austin, Thomas, Jamie, Petrovich, Marco, Richardson, David and Poletti, Francesco (2018) Record low-loss 1.3dB/km data transmitting antiresonant hollow core fibre. In 2018 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC). IEEE. 3 pp . (doi:10.1109/ECOC.2018.8535324).

Bradley, Thomas, Jasion, Gregory, Hayes, John, Chen, Yong, Hooper, Lucy, Sakr, Hesham, Alonso, Marcelo, Taranta, Austin, Saljoghei, Arsalan, Mulvad, Hans Christian, Fake, Mike, Davidson, Ian, Wheeler, Natalie, Numkam Fokoua, Eric, Wang, Wei, Sandoghchi, Seyed Reza, Richardson, David and Poletti, Francesco (2019) Antiresonant Hollow Core Fibre with 0.65 dB/km Attenuation across the C and L Telecommunication bands. In ECOC 2019. 4 pp .

Zhu, Wenwu, Numkam Fokoua, Eric Rodrigue, Taranta, Austin, Chen, Yong, Bradley, Thomas, Petrovich, Marco, Poletti, Francesco, Zhao, Mingshan, Richardson, David and Slavík, Radan (2020) The thermal phase sensitivity of both coated and uncoated standard and hollow core fibers down to cryogenic temperatures. IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, 38 (8), 2477-2484. (doi:10.1109/JLT.2019.2960437).

Abokhamis Mousavi, Seyed Mohammad (2020) Dataset for: Exceptional polarization purity in antiresonant hollow-core optical fibres. University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/D1183 [Dataset]


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