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Dr Kerrianne Harrington 

I am a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Southampton. I work on hollow core fibres and interconnecting them to other fibres, devices and systems.

Previously, I was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Bath. In my work with the Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials, I built optical experiments to investigate nano- and micro-structures, often to image or explore how these structures interact with light.

For my PhD, I fabricated novel optical fibres, often for biomedical applications. Much of my research involved post-processing novel optical fibre fibre. Access to both the optical fibre tower, a taper rig and splicing rig allowed me a lot of freedom to develops novel optical fibres and devices for a range of applications.


Research interests

I am interested in controlling light with optical fibres, and in designing and making novel fibres and fibre devices for practical applications. 

Many applications that use hollow core fibres will need to integrate them with the foundations of existing fibres systems and components. My work focuses on interconnecting hollow core fibres with solutions that are low-loss, reliable and mechanically strong. Beyond telecommunications, I am interested in the far-reaching impacts optical fibres have in other fields such as medical diagnosis, sensing and measurement, and high power lasers. I am enthusiastic that speciality optical fibres can be applied to an endless expanse of problems, and look forward to contributing to research that will allow the full benefits of hollow core fibres to become future transformative solutions.


Meng, Qingxin, Harrington, Kerrianne, Stirling, Julian and Bowman, Richard (2020) The OpenFlexure block stage: sub-100 nm fibre alignment with a monolithic plastic flexure stage. Optics Express, 28 (4), 4763-4772. (doi:10.1364/OE.384207).

Jasion, Gregory, Bradley, Thomas, Harrington, Kerrianne, Sakr, Hesham, Chen, Yong, Numkam Fokoua, Eric, Davidson, Ian, Taranta, Austin, Hayes, John, Richardson, David and Poletti, Francesco (2020) Hollow core NANF with 0.28 dB/km attenuation in the C and L bands. In Optical Fiber Communication Conference Postdeadline Papers 2020. OSA. 3 pp . (doi:10.1364/OFC.2020.Th4B.4).

Nespola, A., Straullu, S., Bradley, T.D., Harrington, K., Sakr, H., Jasion, G.T., Numkam Fokoua, E., Jung, Yongmin, Chen, Yong, Hayes, J.R., Forghieri, F., Richardson, D.J., Poletti, F., Bosco, G. and Poggiolini, P. (2020) Transmission of 61 C-band channels with L-band interferers over record 618km of hollow-core-fiber. In Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2020. Optical Society of America.. (doi:10.1364/OFC.2020.Th4B.5).

Jung, Yongmin (2020) Data for Adiabatic higher-order mode microfibers based on a logarithmic index profile. University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/D1360 [Dataset]

Nespola, Antonino, Strallu, Stefano, Bradley, Thomas, Harrington, Kerrianne, Sakr, Hesham, Jasion, Gregory, Numkam Fokoua, Eric, Jung, Yongmin, Chen, Yong, Hayes, John Richard, Forghieri, Fabrizio, Richardson, David, Poletti, Francesco, Bosco, Gabriella and Poggiolini, Pierluigi (2021) Transmission of 61 C-band channels over record distance of hollow-core-fiber with L-band interferers. IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, 39 (3), 813-820, [9309355]. (doi:10.1109/JLT.2020.3047670).

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