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Dr Lieke Van Putten 

Lieke Dorine van Putten is a research fellow in the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) at University of Southampton. In 2010, she obtained her MSc degree in Photonic Technologies from the University of Southampton.She received her PhD degree in 2019 for her work on plastic hollow core fibres fabricated using additive manufacturing.

After receiving her PhD, she started working on real-time data acquisition, visualization and analysis for distributed accoustic sensor (DAS) systems. Her expertise is in modelling and data analysis. She currently works on numerical models to study the effect of imperfections in DAS systems as well as real-time data manipulation for data captured using DAS systems.


Van Putten, Lieke, Numkam Fokoua, Eric, Poletti, Francesco, Belardi, Walter and Abokhamis Mousavi, Seyed Mohammad (2016) Optimizing the curvature of elliptical cladding elements to reduce leakage loss in antiresonant hollow core fibres. In ECOC 2016; 42nd European Conference on Optical Communication. IEEE..

Chaudhuri, Subhasis, Van Putten, Lieke, Poletti, Francesco and Sazio, Pier-John (2016) Low loss transmission in negative curvature optical fibers with elliptical capillary tubes. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 34 (18), 4228-4231. (doi:10.1109/JLT.2016.2598491).

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Van Putten, Lieke, Numkam Fokoua, Eric, Abokhamis Mousavi, Seyedmohammad, Belardi, Walter, Chaudhuri, Subhasis, Badding, John V. and Poletti, Francesco (2017) Exploring the effect of the core boundary curvature in hollow antiresonant fibers. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 29 (2), 263-266. (doi:10.1109/LPT.2016.2644198).

Posner, Matthew, Jantzen, Alexander, Van Putten, Lieke, Ravagli, Andrea, Donko, Andrei, Laszlo, Soper, Nathan, Wong, Nicholas, Heng Loong and John, Pearl (2017) Cathedral outreach: student-led workshops for school curriculum enhancement in non-traditional environments. In 14th Conference on Education and Training in Optics and Photonics: ETOP 2017. vol. 10452, SPIE. pp. 1-14 . (doi:10.1117/12.2266451).

Van Putten, L.D., Gorecki, J., Numkam Fokoua, E., Apostolopoulos, V. and Poletti, F. (2018) 3D-printed polymer antiresonant waveguides for short-reach terahertz applications. Applied Optics, 57 (14), 3953-3958. (doi:10.1364/AO.57.003953).

Van Putten, Lieke (2019) Design and fabrication of novel polymer antiresonant waveguides. University of Southampton, Doctoral Thesis, 149pp.

Van Putten, Lieke, Masoudi, Ali and Brambilla, Gilberto (2019) 100km single-ended distributed vibration sensor based on remotely pumped EDFA. Optics Letters, 44 (24), 5925-5928. (doi:10.1364/OL.44.005925).

Van Putten, Lieke, Masoudi, Ali and Brambilla, Gilberto (2020) Data for "100km Single-ended Distributed Vibration Sensor based on Remotely Pumped EDFA". University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/D1116 [Dataset]

Talataisong, Wanvisa, Van Putten, Lieke, Ismaeel, Rand, Beresna, Martynas and Brambilla, Gilberto (2019) Direct extrusion of hollow-core THz fiber using a 3D printer. Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies (COMSET). 4 pp .

Brambilla, G. and Van Putten, L. (2015) Low-temperature manufacture of optical fibres. Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and their Applications 2015, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 04 - 06 Nov 2015. (doi:10.1364/WSOF.2015.WF1A.2).

Brambilla, G., Abdul Khudus, M.I.M., Ismaeel, R., Lee, Timothy, Chen, G.Y., Gouveia, M., Van Putten, L., Oduro, B., He, J., Masoudi, A., Ding, M., Wang, P., Zervas, M.N., Newson, T.P. and Melvin, T. (2014) Silica nanowires for UV light generation and sensing. In Latin America Optics and Photonics Conference 2014. OSA.. (doi:10.1364/LAOP.2014.LTu3D.2).

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