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Rojas Hernandez, Pablo, Gerardo (2018) Data for 'High-energy pulse amplification in partly quenched highly Er3+-doped fiber'. University of Southampton [Dataset]

Rojas Hernandez, Pablo Gerardo, Baker, Colin, Pidishety, Shankar, Belal, Mohammad, Friebele, E. Joseph, Burdett, Ashley, Rhonehouse, Daniel, Shaw, L. Brandon, Sanghera, Jasbinder and Nilsson, Johan (2018) High-energy pulse amplification in partly quenched highly Er3+-doped fiber. In Advanced Solid State Lasers 2018 Boston, Massachusetts United States 4–8 November 2018. OSA. 2 pp . (doi:10.1364/ASSL.2018.AM6A.16).

Feng, Yutong, Rojas Hernandez, Pablo, Gerardo, Zhu, Sheng, Wang, Ji, Feng, Yujun, Lin, Huaiqin, Nilsson, Oscar, Sun, Jiang and Nilsson, Johan (2019) Pump absorption, laser amplification, and effective length in double-clad ytterbium-doped fibers with small area ratio. Optics Express, 27 (19), 26821-26841. (doi:10.1364/OE.27.026821).

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