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Domínguez Bucio, Thalia, Lacava, Cosimo, Ilie, Stefan, Tudor, Skandalos, Ilias, De Paoli, Greta, Grabska, Katarzyna, Monika, Khokhar, Ali, Petropoulos, Periklis and Gardes, Frederic (2019) Mid-index silicon nitride devices for enhanced linear and non-linear photonic functionalities. In 2019 IEEE 16th International Conference on Group IV Photonics, GFP 2019. vol. 2019-August, pp. 1-2 . (doi:10.1109/GROUP4.2019.8853876).

De Paoli, Greta, Jantzen, Senta Lisa, Domínguez Bucio, Thalia, Skandalos, Ilias, Holmes, Christopher, Smith, Peter G.R., Milošević, Milan and Gardes, Frederic (2020) Laser trimming of the operating wavelength of silicon nitride racetrack resonators. Photonics Research. (doi:10.1364/PRJ.382529).

Gardes, Frederic, Domínguez Bucio, Thalia, Lacava, Cosimo, De Paoli, Greta, Skandalos, Ilias, Milošević, Milan, Petropoulos, Periklis, Wanguemert-Perez, J. Gonzalo, Jurado Romero, Francisco, Molina-Fernandez, Inigo, Melati, Daniele, Schmid, Jens and Cheben, Pavel (2020) Silicon nitride for advanced integrated CMOS photonics. Photonics West, Moscone Center, United States. 01 - 06 Feb 2020.

De Paoli, Greta (2020) Dataset for: Laser trimming of the operating wavelength of silicon nitride racetrack resonators. University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/D1219 [Dataset]

Gardes, F.Y., Domínguez Bucio, T., de Paoli, G., Ilie, S.T., Skandalos, I., Lacava, C., Milošević, M., Jantzen, S.L, Khokhar, A.Z. and Petropoulos, P. (2019) Tunable index silicon nitride for extended silicon photonics applications. In Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACPC) 2019. OSA..

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